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I believe, deeply, that each individual image is responsible for telling its own story and as a trained artist I feel obligated to reveal the essence of each tale. Using series, I deconstruct a moment in ways that words often fall short. I would like to tell your particular tale- or your child’s, or your pet’s. Life’s moments pass quickly. Capturing what dwells within those momentsis my passion and the unambiguous focus of my art- which can be seen everywhere from my travel photography to my portraiture. In creating animation where there inherently is none: interior space, art, or food to showcasing the vitality that is in documenting a group or culture. I shoot both in digital and filmto embrace both the clean and modern “photo finish,” as well as a richer, more vintage style shoot. I am Shiri Lara Aroshas, and I look forward to the opportunity to tell the story that will live forever of something you love right now.

"Photography is, for me, a spontaneous impulse coming from an ever attentive eye which captures the moment and its eternity."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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